Lawyer + Contractor = We Know Your Business

We focus our practice on one thing only: Your Construction Business.

That's it. 

You see, we''ve been there and done that.  We are not just Lawyer.  We are also Contractor.  And not just by license.  By trade.  Plus, not only do we litigate construction cases, we guide construction companies, large and small, on how to avoid litigation from the very start.  From CPMs, to Change Orders, to RFI's, to Bidding, to Contracting, we have lived your facts.  Your facts. 

Since 1986, we have been gaining knowledge about Your Construction Business.  First, as a laborer, then as superintendent, as project manager, as general contractor, as corporate counsel, and now as litigation counsel.

In the field, at the office, and, now, in Court.

Alain Lecusay, P.A.

Courthouse Plaza | Suite 601, 28 W. Flagler St., Miami FL 33130

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Equal Opportunity Litigator.  We speak English, Spanish, and Contractor. CGC060016.