Lawyer + Contractor = We Know Your Business

We only take work related to construction. 

Litigation: First, we litigate in court and in arbitration.  For example: developer fires architect, architect sues developer; owner delays contractor, contractor sues for delay damages; subcontractor works at project and contractor does not pay, subcontractor claims against bond (or forecloses lien); supplier records lien against condominium and sues developer when contractor fails to pay; condo purchaser sues developer for deposit from construction delays; owner arbitrates against negligent subcontractor for property damages; homeowner hires unlicensed contractor; condo association sues negligent roofer for damages from faulty workmanship. 

Counseling: Second, we serve as general counsel.  Our clients know that in our judicial system the line between justice and injustice often becomes blurred.  They choose to deal with their problems before they turn into lawsuits because issues arise in the construction field all of the time.  We give them a "behind-the-scenes" analysis, we monitor projects in the background, looking for problems that may pop up, and we have "think-tank" brainstorm sessions that yield strategic decisions which avoid future problems, and, best of all, protracted litigation.

Transactional: Third, we work with contracts, change orders, cpm schedules, claims, letters, demands, etc.  This essential service is where it all starts.  That is, a good contract, a good letter, a good schedule, a good document trail, and a good start in paperwork will, almost all of the time, keep your opponent from firing at you.  Usually, contractors (who are better at pouring concrete than at writing letters, or preparing CPMs) lack in this area only to find themselves in a legal jam later on. 

White Glove Service: Last, we offer our clients peace of mind.  That means that if our client wants a divorce, and no, we do not handle divorces, we find her (or him) the best divorce lawyer.  In other words, we don't leave our clients hanging.  What we cannot do, we will help our client do, one way or another.